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Vector Magic adds Batch Processing

Apr 06 2009, 11:52 AM

A new version of Vector Magic Desktop Edition has just been released! New additions:

  • Batch processing of images
  • Fixed anti-virus false alarms

Batch Processing

Select 'Batch Processing', drag and drop your images onto the application, make a few simple selections, and then let Vector Magic do the rest!

You can use convenient presets, or your own custom configuration. It has never been easier to convert a large number bitmaps to vector art with Vector Magic!

Fixed Anti-virus False Alarms

Previous versions of Vector Magic would sometimes be incorrectly labeled as a virus by some anti-virus programs (see http://vectormagic.com/desktop/antivirus). Since anti-virus programs oftentimes auto-quarantine the software when this happens, this was causing a lot of headaches for some users.

We've fixed this in the latest release, so you should now be able to download and install without any problems.


If you already own a copy of Vector Magic Desktop Edition, there is no additional charge for this update. To upgrade, just download the latest version from http://vectormagic.com/desktop and install it.

As a side-effect of the anti-virus fix, you will need to re-activate your copy of Vector Magic. Re-activating on the same computer as a previous installation will not count against your total number of allowed activations. We're terribly sorry for this inconvenience.

Vector Magic supports all major bitmap image formats, and exports to the AI, DXF, EPS, SVG, and PDF vector formats (and EMF on PC).

Have a great day!
James and Jacob

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