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Vector Magic Desktop Edition for Windows Released!

Jul 21 2008, 09:15 AM

Vector Magic Desktop Edition for Windows has been released! Convert bitmaps to vector graphics on your own computer using cutting edge artificial intelligence technology.

Check it out:


Key features that set it apart from the Online Edition:

  • Runs on your computer
  • Single-click vectorization
  • Advanced vectorization wizard with fine-grained control
  • Show paths and nodes in the vector result
  • Bitmap export of any size
  • Transparency support

If you have made any purchases on the site, or have any current token balance or ongoing subscription, then your full credit for these is automatically shown and deducted from the list price.

The Macintosh version is expected to be released in the August-September timeframe.

Have a great day!

James and Jacob

PS. Some anti-virus programs incorrectly flag the program - see http://vectormagic.com/desktop/antivirus.

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