Easily Convert Bitmap Images To Clean Vector Art

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The API has been deprecated. Please cease using it as soon as possible.

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Vector Magic offers an online API that allows third parties to process images programmatically.

This is very useful for websites where you want to enable your users to create custom products, but your production workflow requires vector files. Since most users are not familiar with vector files, requiring vector input creates a hurdle for them to use your service.

Using Vector Magic, your customers can upload or create bitmap designs on your site, and you can then have your website backend software process the images using the online API, converting them to vectors.

This gives you quick and painless ability to have your users provide bitmap input to your vector based production workflow.


API v2 documentation

Sample code

Ruby on Rails sample code

Getting Your Account Approved

To get your account approved so that you can start processing images, please do the following:

  1. Review the API documentation above to make sure the service does what you need it to do.
  2. Review the access terms above. This document contains the pricing for the service and acceptable types of use.
  3. Apply for an account
  4. Paypal the signup fee to admin@vectormagic.com, and email developer_support@vectormagic.com notifying us of the payment. We will then approve your account.


You can go right ahead and start testing your implementation as soon as you've applied for an account. Until your account has been approved, any image uploaded will be replaced with a stock sample image. Your calls pass through all the same validations regardless of if your account has been approved, so if your code works before approval it should work after approval.

Calls made prior to account approval do not count towards your usage charges.

Previous Version

Version 1.x of the API was deprecated as of 1/12/2011. It will continue to be supported for 1 year, but new API users are required to use the new API.