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Vector Magic has been featured in the following magazines and newspapers:



Veerle, a well known graphic design blogger, has written an extensive review of the desktop application . It is also effectively a tutorial since it describes how to use the tool in-depth for several different types of images. Highly recommended reading.

Michele McDonough of Bright Hub has also written a review.


The following companies are customers of Vector Magic:



What our users have to say about the service:

"Wonderful service ... every image I've tried to vectorize has worked perfectly."
- Jenn, Phire Branded Apparel
"This program is amazing, I love it!"
- R. Horn, Owner, Oddball T-shirts
"I've always had grief converting images to vector. I've never been satisfied with the results, and certainly never pleased with the cost. I was skeptical that Vector Magic could do what it claims, but it will blow you away with the quality and ease of use."
- B. Forsyth, Red Hand Holdings
"Vector Magic is fantastic! You saved me a lot of time and helped me meet some very tight deadlines"
- Heather, Sheldrick Rose Graphic Designers
"I love your service - made the headaches with artwork go away in my business"
- S. Bick, President, Advantage Golf
"This really is an amazing application...Hats off!"
- Jason, Art Director, Visual Craftsman
"What a great program!"
- S. Way, Art Teacher
"Vector Magic requires the least amount of time for clean up and has the best interface. It's my preferred tracer"
- W. Wainwright, Art Director, Fox Screen Print
"A huge resource ... love the interface and the simplicity"
- R. Deshler, Gannon Design
"Your product is AMAZING!"
- Shawn, Reminderband
"I wish i'd known about you long ago - it would have saved me so many headaches"
- Melanie, ALG Graphics
"It is revolutionary!"
- J. Holland
"Vector Magic has become one of my most frequently (and secretly...) used tools. It's been invaluable in many projects and I love the ease of use and accuracy. Top job and thanks!"
- J. Wilson, Jimzip Productions
"All I can say is WOW! Should have had this a long time ago. Edges come out sharp and clean. Thanks for a great product."
- G Fuller, Owner, KEveryware Embroidery and Screenprinting
"I love your product – it was exactly what I was looking for. It's intuitive and worked really well."
- D. Brown, Designer, ddb creative
"I continue to marvel at just how good this software is ... everything from the clear and simple user interface to the startling results are a joy to find."
- A. Allison, Publisher, ndp3.org
"It's dead on and works perfectly. I use it for work, school and my own personal little projects."
- A. Carback, Web Designer
"I LOVE your fabulous product. This has simplified our production needs tremendously. Results have been exceptional."
- L Hawkins, Designer, Hogeye Inc.
"Your vector images are far and above any software I've ever used. Nice work. I'll certainly refer anyone who needs your services to you."
- B. Plate, Retired school teacher
"Vector Magic is a lifesaver"
- T. Collins, Moonwell Designs
"I can't begin to tell you guys how much I love your product! It works SO well! My first week on the job I was able to really impress my boss with this tool! I use it often, at home and at the workplace. Thanks & good work!"
- J. Hasty, Ketchikan SIGN PRO
"LOVE it! I have been in graphic design for years, and this is the best conversion tool that I've seen, by far. Awesome work! And it saves me so much time. Thank you for a great program!"
- B. Malone, Graphic Designer
"This program is truly amazing. Our logo has always been very difficult to work with because of the horizontal lines that graduate through it. I was amazed that it was almost perfect with the first run-through. And then, using the built-in touch up tools to get rid of a few stray pixels, I won't have to do anything to it. AWESOME!"
- B. Wright, TEC Electric
"This software produced a perfectly vectorized image of the United States. It took less than 5 minutes to sign up, convert, and download the image. Excellent product!"
- Dan, Master Track Productions

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