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VectorMagic.com Launches

Feb 20 2008, 11:38 PM

Vector Magic has officially moved away from Stanford and is operating independently at http://vectormagic.com

Online Service

Just as before, you may upload, vectorize, and view results using the interactive web application, all free of charge. We also allow you to download a free bitmap version of the vectorized result.

If you wish to download a vector version of the result, however, you must enable the download by exchanging a token for it. Once enabled, you can download that result in all the available file formats and re-vectorize it as many times as you'd like.

In order to give new users a chance to try out the site, and to check whether the output is compatible with their software, we give each user two free tokens upon sign-up. To encourage you to sign up now, we are doubling the number of free tokens to four until March 5th.

Tokens may be purchased via our secure servers for the published prices. Substantial discounts are given to users buying in bulk. We are also giving a 25% discount on all token purchases until March 5th.

We understand the frustration of seeing a service that used to be free starting to charge.
Please keep in mind, however, that servers, processing capacity, storage, bandwidth, and programmers all cost money. In order to continue operating the service, we must earn money in some way. We did some experiments with ads and found that they can only cover a small fraction of our operating expenses, which is why we are going with the current approach.

Desktop Application

We are working hard to release a desktop application. For a limited time, the first $50 spent on the website will be creditable towards a copy. Read the full details on http://vectormagic.com/info/desktop_application


We have added several sections to the website, including some new resource pages on the uses of vector images, and on the tools that can be used to view and edit them. We've made it very easy for you to make suggestions on these pages, so please help us improve the content by clicking the "Edit" links that appear next to each section on those pages.

Thanks for all of your interest and support these last several months.

Very Best, James and Jacob

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