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Download Vector Magic Desktop Edition

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Windows, v1.15, 10.0 MB
Macintosh, v1.20, 11.8 MB

Languages: English, Deutsch,
Español, and Français

Free Trial

The Desktop Edition is available free to try - just download and install!

Saving of results is disabled in the trial version, but there is full preview capability.

When you buy a license you get a product key that you can use to activate the software and enable saving of the results.

Activation turns the free trial into the full version - no additional downloads necessary.

Your computer has to be connected to the internet during activation.

Upgrading To A New Version

To upgrade from a previous version, just download the latest version and install it. The full version is the same download as the free trial.

Activations are preserved, so if you had already activated the old version, then the new version will be activated as well (there is no need to re-enter your product key).

Exception: with v1.12 for Windows there was a change that requires re-activation (will not count towards total activations on machines with a previous version activated).

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