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Hand Tracing

High quality vector files can be created from images that are not suitable for auto-tracing. A skilled professional can redraw complicated images by hand in less than 48 hours. 24-hour rush delivery available!

1. Approve Instant Quote

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2. Your Image Is Redrawn

Fast turnaround

3. Download Your Result


Get an artistic rendering of your photo! Vector files can be created from any picture.

Comic Pop Style Result


If you are unable to get a clean image from your client or you need to reproduce an image from an old print, our designers can get the job done in no time. Don’t waste hours redrawing the design yourself!

How It Works

Get an instant no-obligation quote for having your image redrawn by hand by a professional artist. We offer 24 hour turnaround (on rush orders) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See example results.

Hand-Trace Any Image

Any image you upload to Vector Magic can also be redrawn by hand by a professional tracing artist. Just click on the "Hand Trace"-button at the end of the Vectorization Wizard, or on the links in the My Images listings, to get to the quote page from which you can start the Quote Wizard.

Instant Quotes

The Quote Wizard asks you some simple questions about your image and then gives you an instant quote for having that image hand-traced. You are guided by examples and descriptions for what options to pick all the way.

If you are happy with the quote you can then pay for it and Vector Magic's professional hand-tracers will promptly start tracing your image.

The quote is subject to confirmation, but is normally correct. If there is a discrepancy you will be informed by email. In case the confirmed quote is higher, you have the option of paying the difference or canceling the quote for a full refund. In case the confirmed quote is lower, you will be refunded the difference once you've received and accepted the result (abandoned results are considered accepted after 1 month).

Quotes paid in full are not cancelable.

Simple Online Workflow

On the hand-tracing quote page you can review the status of your quote at any time. You are directed to this page after you've approved your quote, and a link to it is also emailed to you separately.

You can send the hand-tracer a message or additional files at any time throughout the tracing process.

You can access the full history for the quote at any time, and the results as they become available.

Email Notification

Once the tracing is complete you will be notified by email and able to download the result from this website.

Rush Orders

The Quote Wizard gives you the option of having your image processed as a rush order to have the result delivered faster (within 24h for artwork and 36h for photos). Please note that weekends do not count towards this time limit, and that while we will make every effort to deliver your result on time, factors outside of our control can cause delays in the delivery.

If you have a specific deadline, please mention it in the "Additional Instructions" box when paying for your quote.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If the result is not to your satisfaction, you can request that changes be made to it, giving instructions for what fixes you would like to see.

This guarantee covers mistakes and miscommunications, and if we're unable to fix it we will give you a full refund. The guarantee does not cover general graphic design services such as creating something new from scratch, or something that is vastly different from the original submitted.


See example results.



You must have permission to reproduce the original in vector format for us to be able to trace the image for you. Copyright holders often add watermarks to images that they want to protect against misuse.

We can therefore not trace images that have watermarks in them and such requests will be rejected.

Why does my file look pixilated?

In order to take full advantage of your vector file, you should open it in a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw. Other programs such as Adobe Photoshop can open vector files, but in order to do so they must first convert them to a pixel-based format. In Photoshop, you are given the opportunity to chose the desired size and resolution of the file when you import the file, which may prove useful for certain applications. Note that if you make changes to a vector file within Photoshop or another pixel-based editing program and save the image, the result will no longer be a vector file.

Why does my file look auto-traced? Wasn't my image hand-traced?

Please make sure you have downloaded the correct file and not a file that had been previously vectorized automatically by e.g. this website.

The hand-tracing team does not use automated vectorization methods, except in extremely rare cases where this is the more practical option, and then only with customer approval.

I can't open the file. What program should I use to open the file?

Please see this list.

I asked for a transparent background. Why, when I open the file, does the background look white?

Most programs use a white background for the "canvas", which makes the background of vector files look white on screen. If you place a background behind the image, you will be able to confirm that the background is indeed transparent.