Free Vector Software

  • Inkscape is an open source vector editor that uses SVG as its native format. It can read and write SVG flawlessly and can export EPS. The user interface is not as polished as some other solutions, but once learned, Inkscape is a very powerful tool. It is also totally free and actively developed, so we recommend it highly.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free PDF viewer by Adobe. It is available on all major platforms and is easy to use. It is the recommended tool for viewing and printing Vector Magic's output.
  • Ghostview is a free PS/EPS viewer based on Ghostscript. Ghostscript is a very complete and high-quality PS/EPS parser that is capable of rasterizing most PS/EPS files. The user interface is not for the faint of heart.

Commercial Vector Software

  • Adobe Illustrator is a vector editor that can read and write EPS, AI, PDF, SVG, and many other formats. Illustrator is the most widely-used vector editor and many other tools have emulated its user interface.
  • CorelDRAW is a vector editor that can read and write EPS, AI, PDF, SVG and many other formats. CorelDRAW is the second most widely-used vector editor on the market after Adobe Illustrator.
  • Xara Designer is a vector editor with good support for the PDF and AI formats and limited support for the EPS and CDR formats. Xara Designer is less expensive than Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

These are listed for your reference and inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement by Vector Magic.